ArboWebForest is a map application made for 100 Million Trees by 2017 to verify planted trees on a map via Internet and share the information between campaign schools’ students and in public. Via AWF you can specify the accurate location of the tree planting areas. The application uses Google maps, which can be found almost everywhere in the world.  

With the AWF application you can download basic information of the planted trees, like tree species, the number of trees planted, GPS location, your class and school name etc. All the planted tree areas can be observed within campaign schools worldwide via Internet. All you need is either Android tablet or mobile phone or a computer with an Internet connection! 

Here you can log in and download Android application. Requests for user logins and passwords by email to Questions concerning ArboWebForest by email to
Mika Vanhanen,
Nov 15, 2012, 12:26 AM