Peace Is Green

ENO Programme will organise its traditional tree planting day on Friday 21st of September 2012. This planting of trees symbolises peace and the continuity of life.

This global tree planting day of children and youth will take place on the 21st of September The same day has been proclaimed the International day for peace by United Nations. ENO Tree Planting Day has taken place since 2004 and proven to be successful. Last time this event inspired children at 7000 schools in over 140 countries to take the challenge. Altogether 450 000 trees were put into the ground to celebrate the day.

This event is a practical way of enhancing environmental and global education. It connects children all over the world to focus on environmental issues. What is more, the event fosters peace education and increases the awareness of school children of the importance of trees and forests on a global scale. 

The planting of trees will take place everywhere at noon local time. The first to start is Tonga in Oceania and as the Sun and Earth continue to turn, Asia, Africa and Europe will join in as well. Some time later the continents of North and South America will grab the hoe, and last area to participate will be Samoa Islands. The world has taken a remarkable step towards a more ecological and peaceful way of life.

Tree planting will not remain a single event, but the trees will be cared for and their growth and development will be watched in the future as well. The planting will be documented and the experiences shared.  It is also a ceremonial event including a speech and a dedicated song.  An optional play for the occasion has been translated in 40 languages.

Peace is Green. Act now.