Frequently Asked Questions:


It is easy to join ENO Tree Planting Day. You only have to register your school or group on this website.
You can find the instructions and material for your event on this website. You must yourself get tree seedlings and we suggest to take contact with local expert and sponsors.


ENO Tree Planting Days will take place 22nd of May and 21st of September 2012. Remember to register to them by the deadlines, that are 14th of May and 14th of  September 2012


You plant trees with your group/school locally. The first trees will be planted at noon in Oceania. Following the Sun, new trees will be put to earth in Asia, Europe and Africa. Finally this chain of trees will reach Americas. Globe has turned on its axis.



Together with you there are thousands of tree planters around the world, in 150 countries! You can follow this site news and find photos and videos of tree planting events.