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ENO Art Bee Contest 2018 and results

posted May 18, 2018, 12:20 AM by Mika Vanhanen   [ updated May 18, 2018, 12:25 AM ]


237 bees from 35 countries reached in time to be evaluated. The jury consisted of four members : Mika Vanhanen, Almina Durakovic, Masa Kozjek and Malci Boznar. In the criteria, focus was laid on the use of recycled material and imagination, instead of cute cartoon-like bees. Judges did not know name of authors or countries as each bee was only marked with code number. So this made the evaluation as objective as possible.

There were great work so the decisions were difficult. But the winners was found easily. Thank you for all the participants! These bees will be shown here in Slovenia in the end of summer.


CATEGORY A : 4-5 years old

1. Rustavi N8 kindergarten, Georgia
2. Kindergarten Eko Bajka, Montenegro
3. Slonim kindergarten, Belarus
4. JPU "Zagorka Ivanovic, Montenegro and Vrtec Cirkovce, Slovenia
5. JPU ”Dragan Kovačević", Montenegro 

- Slovenian winner: OŠ Cirkovce

CATEGORY B:  6- 10 years old 

1. OŠ Polhov Gradec, Slovenia
2. OŠ Davorina Jenka, Slovenia 
3. OŠ Dragotina Ketteja Novo Mesto, Slovenia 
4. OŠ Frana Erjavca Nova Gorica, Slovenia
5. OŠ Olge Meglič, Slovenia 

- Slovenian winner: OŠ Polhov Gradec

CATEGORY C: 11 -15 years old

1. OŠ Turnišče, Slovenia 
2. JU OŠ "Bukovica, Montenegro
3. Vladislav SL. Ribnikar, Montenegro
4. Elementary School "Fra Grga Martić", Bosnia Herzegovina
5. OŠ Cirkovce, Slovenia

- Slovenian winner:  OŠ Turnišče

CATEGORY D: 16 - 18 years old

1. Šiauliai "Saulėtekis" Gymnasium, Lithuania 
2. SMA Darul Islam Gresik, Indonesia
3. Šiauliai "Saulėtekis" Gymnasium, Lithuania
4. Secondary art school " Petar Lubarda", Montenegro
5. JU Umjtnička škola za ,uziku i balet "Vasa Pavić", Montenegro

- Slovenian winner: OŠ Milke Šobar Nataše