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ENO Conference 2011 : Act Now! Forests For Future

posted Jan 24, 2011, 8:59 AM by Mika Vanhanen   [ updated Mar 3, 2011, 5:08 AM ]

Year 2011 is an international year of forests by United Nations. ENO Programme association will organise a global conference called Act Now – Forests For Future!. It will take place 13-17 September 2011 in Joensuu, Finland. Participants will get to know about Finnish schools, visit Koli National Park and arrange the main event at Joensuu Areena 15-16 September. The main event 15-16 September will take place at Joensuu Areena where a whole world will be built with imaginative forest areas. ENO schools and partner organisations will arrange workshops and activities linked to forests in their countries. They will be physically located in “their countries”, based on the world map that is drawn on the floor of Joensuu Areena. Audience will have their “world tour” from one country and continent to another. This event is suitable for everybody interested in forests. As the name of conference obliges, we have to act and take care of our forests. During the days, students will prepared special ENO Thesis about forests that will be sent to United Nations. They will also be published 16th of September 2011 on the ENO website.

Workshops and presentations will broadly cover the importance, multi-use and sustainable use of forests. Lectures and excursions will be arranged as well. The patron of ENO Programme, Dr Jane Goodall (US Peace Messenger), Commissioner Janez Potočnik (European Union) and Shafqat Kakakhel (ex vice-secretary general of UNEP) have been invited to conference as keynote speakers. 500 foreign teachers and students from 100 countries are expected to participate. They come from ENO schools and partner organisations. The expected number of total visitors is 7 000. In addition, all the ambassadors from participating countries are invited. This conference is one of key events for the international year of forests on UN website.

ENO Conference will be organised in co-operation with The Koli Forum. The Koli Forum (14-16 September 2011) is a new top-level initiative to establish a new discussion forum on natural resources. Topics of the Koli Forum are related to natural resources and range from the availability of raw materials and their economic use, to environmental aspects. The University of Eastern Finland and the regional council of North Karelia are the main organisers of Koli Forum.

Photo: Markku Tano,

See a tentative programme and some more information attached below. More detailed information and online registration will be available from 15th of February 2011 on the ENO website.

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