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First Cities Announced For ENO Green Cities Network

posted Feb 29, 2012, 7:53 PM by Mika Vanhanen   [ updated Feb 29, 2012, 7:54 PM ]

First Cities Announced For ENO Green Cities Network 
towards more sustainable cities with schools

ENO Green Cities Network was launched today. It’s a different approach on sustainable city networks as it’s based on educational co-operation between schools and city administration, in a concrete way. As Tree planting is the most popular activity in the ENO Programme. The concept for ENO Green Cities is simple and easy to adapt. In minimum, accepted cities have to offer areas, seedlings and assistance for tree planting activities of schools every year, at least once in a year, around official ENO Tree Planting Days. Cities take care that these areas will be safe and not constructed afterwards. Cities will get a free access to ENO Green City Network, become and official city for ENO 100 Million Trees 2017 Campaign. They get to network with other ENO Green Cities. 

Today, four cities were chosen to this network in the Eastern Hemisphere, one from each continent. Cities are Ljubljana from Slovenia/Europe, Cape Town from South Africa/ Africa, and Taichung from Taiwan/Asia. The agreement will be signed in the 2nd Asia ENO Conference 23-27 in Taichung, Taiwan. ENO Green Cities Network will be spread widely to Western hemisphere and other cities during the year.

Europe: Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia in Europe, with many ENO schools. According to the deputy mayor Aleš Čerin, "Kindergardens and schools in the municipality regurlarly participate the ENO Tree Planting Campaign,so the children are also given the opportunity to plant and care for trees. Mr Čerin also says that city of Ljubljana supports and promotes high level of protection and improvementof the quality of the environment as well as balanced and sustainable development among the young.

 Asia: Taichung is the hub for ENO in Taiwan, Asia. Mingdao High Schooland the city of Taichung will organise the 2nd ENO Asia Conference Green Cities – Cities For The Future in April 2012. City mayor Jason Hu quotes: “We are happy and proud to be the first Asian city of the ENO Green Cities Network and hope to share our experiences with others. We hope to learn from other green cities and be a role model for other cities as we work toward a green sustainable future.” 

Africa: Cape Town was the first city in Africa that joined ENO in 2011. Together with Huguenot Primary School, The City Parks Department of Capetown planted 25 trees in their school ground and an adjacent parks belonging to the City as part of an effort to green the area. “By doing so, the Department will become part of a Global Network” says Tandeka Gqada, Executive Mayoral Committee Member in Community Services. According to the Director City Parks, ChantalHanslo, the department is deeply committed to sustainability and therefor the growth and development of these trees will be closely monitored.

Mika Vanhanen,
Feb 29, 2012, 7:53 PM