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Welcome to plant trees! Late information

posted Sep 19, 2010, 3:39 AM by Mika Vanhanen
Dear registered schools for ENO Tree Planting Day 21 SEP,

thanks for joining our day! You are doing an important deed not only for  your school but for your community and world! Please spread the word about  our event to schools in your area and country.  We hope you have already found the instructions how to organise the day.  Unfortunately the latest updates are only in English, Finnish and  Slovenian. You find all the necessary information at

To make this event and ENO Programme's 10th anniversary even more  attractive ou can follow TWO events online on the web: 

1) ENO Programme's 10th anniversary event at Nature Centre Ukko, Koli 

2) At The Roots - Concert at Koli 24 SEP 

Please find the more information and a link to follow them LIVE here: 


to take photos and video clipses, 
follow the instructions here: 

Happy  Tree Planting Day! 

Mr Mika Vanhanen 
ENO Programme