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Brief instructions



  1. Register to event  here by 13 Sep
  2. Plant only local tree species, typical for your climate and dominant tree species in your region. 
  3. Get tree seedlings from local providers and find sponsors for them.
  4. Choose suitable places for trees and dig the holes in advance. If you need some help contact local experts.
  5. Find studentwho will plant trees.
  6. As the symbol for peace is dove, make paper doves or try to get real ones for your event
  7. Involve local people from your community to take part.
  8. Choose a student who will give a short speech
  9. Prepare to take photos and videos during the occasion.
  10. Invite other schools and local decision-makers to join this event, probably one of them could give a short speech in this occasion.
  11. Get local media involved


Time: at noon your local time (or later/before during the day)

  1. Go to your tree planting site and gather around the tree seedlings.
  2. A student/ city representative gives his/her speech
  3. Students plant trees together with local old people.
  4. On the planting site, register your trees with a smartphone here . For registration, you need to know the scientific name (Latin) of your trees.
    Before hand, find an extensive list here.
  5. Optionally another speech by local decision-makers.
  6. ENO Tree Planting Song "Hi and ho - we plant trees"  or music/dance.
  7. If you have a real doves on the site, please let it fly. If you have paper doves, please show them in your photo.
  8. Gather for a group photo, where students and audience are around the tree seedlings (and if you have paper doves )


1. Please send a very short report including

a) your school or group name
b) your city
c) your country
d) the number of participants
e) include only one photo of your event (no more because we have 10 000 schools)

3. Send your message and photo (1) to the email address as follows:

If you come from
If you come from Africa:
If you come from North or South
If you come from Asia or

4. Record a video clip, put it online (like Youtube) and send a link (not the video) to . We will then forward these links onto the event website. Photos will be available later in our online photo albums.


Certificates will be sent after you have sent your photo and message. As the number of participants is huge, it will take 2-4 weeks. They will be sent be ENO Country Coordinators. If you have waited them more than 4 weeks after contact, let us know.

5. Remember to take care of your trees!

Mika Vanhanen,
Aug 14, 2018, 1:13 AM