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Your tree to map

Register to Envirate to share your tree on the map

Before planting you must register, follow steps below.

1) Now: If you don't yet have an Envirate account, sign up for your personal account here: .
A personal account is needed later to register your school and all ENO tree planting activities (i.ncluding ENO Treelympics)

2)Login with your personal  Envirate account and register your SCHOOL of GROUP for the ENO Tree Planting Day here: . After registering your school, you will get a confirmation email which includes a unique code for your school. You can give that code to other teachers, who want to join your school using the Envirate app (they need to create their own personal accounts). After that, also they can view your tree plantings using the Envirate app.

3) After planting, register your trees immediately on the planting site using your mobile device: Login at and you will find a dedicated ENO section for registering your trees in the application menu. Note: Be sure to enable GPS on your mobile device. Your GPS position is used when saving your planting site location.

4) Remember to  take photo in Envirate! You must submit a photo of your tree in Envirate same time when you register. You must first take photo of tree, then register tree and submit.

Download instructions as powerpoint in the link below.

Mika Vanhanen,
Apr 28, 2020, 1:06 AM